Doing Well While Doing Good    

Impact Investing & Blended Finance Advisory

Our Impact Investing & Blended finance structures appeal to private equity/impact investors seeking both returns and impact. We offer investors competitive financial returns while pursuing social, economic & environmental impacts and benefits that are transformative and regenerative.

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 Climate-Smart AIoT Infrastructure & AI/IoT Advisory    

Shared Climate-Smart AIoT Platform

Data is everywhere but digital insights are lacking. Are you seeking insights for your smart city, data center or facilities? The choices are overwhelming. Where do you start? We can help, given our deep domain knowledge and expertise in AI & IoT.

 Managed Services   


We provide Climate-Smart AIoT Infrastructure As A Service with Deep Machine Learning, Advanced Data Science & Big Data Analytics (Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics), Data Mining & Visualization, Visual & Natural Language Recognition, Business Intelligence.

Smart Metering / IoT

Managed services are making waves in the smart water/energy meter market. This shift aligns with utility priorities, as they focus less on collecting meter readings and more on extracting the full value from the data.

Climate-Smart AIoT Infrastructure

Successfully building out digital infrastructure (hybrid & purely digital) across all types of infrastructure will unlock new economic opportunities, a better quality of life and a more sustainable future.


Deep Value AI & IoT

IoT brings big data. AI & Big Data Analytics are keys to unlocking IoT potential, providing insights & uncovering hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends etc.


LoRaWan Infrastructure

Meet the massive demand for Low Power Wide Area Network that can handle millions of sensors/devices in smart cities, smart data centers & smart facilities.


Hybrid Cloud Services

Allow businesses to seamlessly scale their on-premises infrastructure to the public cloud, while keeping business-critical applications and data on-premises.